Water & Foam Extinguishers

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Tempest Fire’s range of stored pressure foam content extinguishers are suitable for A, B class fire or a combination of AB class fires. The water extinguishers are suitable for A class fires and have limited effect on B class fires and may be detrimental on some B class fires.

Tempest Fire’s ranges of liquid content extinguishers are powder coated inside to prevent corrosion.

Operating heads are of brass with either zinc or chrome plating; steel epoxy coated carrying handle and discharge lever, fitted with safety relief valve and pressure gauge.

Extinguishers of 4kg and bigger are fitted with a high pressure discharge hose and discharge nozzle which slips over a peg on the base skirt.

Type Height Dia Mass Empty Mass Full Discharge Nozzle
9L Water 580mm 175mm 4.8KG 13.8KG HOSE
9L Foam 580mm 175mm 4.8KG 13.8KG HOSE


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Type Working Pressure Test Pressure Burst Pressure Safety Valve Pressure Gauge
9L Water 1400kPa 2100kPa >5500kPa Spring type Diaphragm type
9L Foam 1400kPa 2100kPa >5500kPa Spring type Diaphragm type
Type Discharge
Contents Charge
9L Water 12sec 3m-12m Water Nitrogen
9L Foam 12sec 2m-8m High Expansion Foam Nitrogen