Trolley DCP Extinguishers

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Trolley DCP (dry chemical powder) extinguishers are portable fire suppression devices mounted on wheeled trolleys for easy manoeuvrability and transport. These extinguishers are designed to combat Class A, B, and C fires, making them suitable for various fire hazards commonly encountered in industrial, commercial, and large-scale residential settings.

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Trolley DCP extinguishers typically consist of a durable steel cylinder containing dry chemical powder under pressure. The cylinder is mounted on a sturdy wheeled trolley equipped with a handle for easy transportation. The trolley base features a bracket or strap to secure the extinguisher in place during movement or storage. The cylinder includes a pressure gauge to visually indicate the extinguisher’s charge status.

The extinguishing agent used in trolley DCP extinguishers is dry chemical powder, a highly effective and versatile substance capable of extinguishing Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids and gases), and Class C (electrical) fires. The powder works by interrupting the chemical reaction of the fire, smothering flames, and preventing re-ignition.

Trolley DCP extinguishers are mounted on wheeled trolleys to facilitate easy transport and deployment in emergencies. The trolley design allows for swift movement of the extinguisher to the location of the fire without the need for heavy lifting. This is particularly advantageous in large facilities or outdoor environments where quick access to fire suppression equipment is essential.

These extinguishers are highly versatile and suitable for use in various fire scenarios, including fires involving solid combustibles (wood, paper, textiles), flammable liquids (petrol, oil, grease), and energised electrical equipment (electrical panels, machinery). This versatility makes them ideal for industrial plants, warehouses, workshops, construction sites, and other high-risk environments.

Operating a trolley DCP extinguisher is straightforward and requires minimal training. In the event of a fire, the user simply removes the safety pin, aims the discharge nozzle at the base of the flames, and squeezes the handle to release the dry chemical powder. The powder is expelled from the extinguisher in a fine cloud, quickly smothering the fire and suppressing further combustion.

Our trolley DCP extinguishers are manufactured and tested in accordance with national and international standards for fire extinguisher design and performance. They undergo rigorous quality control checks and are certified by recognised testing laboratories to ensure compliance with safety and regulatory requirements.

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In addition to our trolley DCP extinguishers, we have a SANAS-approved gas test station.

With our extensive range of fire protection equipment, you can trust Tempest Fire to equip your business with the tools necessary to respond swiftly and effectively to any fire emergency. Your safety is our commitment.

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