Plastic Cabinets

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The Extingui-Mate range includes:

  • Fire Extinguisher cabinets
  • Hydrant covers
  • Hose Reel and Tap valve covers
  • Breathing apparatus cabinet

Sure-fire benefits of the Extingui-Mate range:

  • Protects equipment from tampering, damage and theft
  • Ensures lasting, quality protection
  • Facilitates instant visual inspection of equipment and service record
  • Aesthetically pleasing – enhances architectural design
  • All twist to break seals are numbered for easy recording in service log-books

Extingui-Mate cabinets have additional advantages:

  • The UV stabilized rubber seals keep out all water, dirt and dust
  • The polypropylene hinges resist corrosion
  • An alarm which activates on door opening can be fitted as an optional extra


Additional Specs Height (incl. lip) Height (excl. lip) Width (incl. lip) Width (excl. lip) Total Depth Depth of Abs Back (from lip)
Extinguisher cabinet size
4,5kg (bcf)
669mm 574mm 430mm 337mm 215mm 117mm
Extinguisher cabinet size
9kg (bcf)
827mm 730mm 423mm 327mm 242mm 123mm
Breathing apparatus cabinet 845mm 715mm 562mm 438mm 286mm 150mm
Optional alarm system: Self-contained within the cabinet. Siren, 9V heavy duty battery.