Lay Flat Fire Hose

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For our full range of Professional Fire Fighting Hoses.

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TypeLengthDiaMass without couplingsMaterial OutsideCoating InsideBurst PressureWorking Pressure
White Synthetic Fibre30m65mm+/-14.4kgPolyester yarnBlack NBR39bar13bar
White Synthetic Fibre30m65mm+/-12.6kgPolyester yarnBlack NBR24bar8bar
White Synthetic Fibre30m50mm+/-11.4kgPolyester yarnBlack NBR39bar13bar
White Synthetic Fibre30m50mm+/-9.6kgPolyester yarnBlack NBR24bar8bar
White Synthetic Fibre30m40mm+/-8.4kgPolyester yarnBlack NBR39bar13bar
White Synthetic Fibre30m40mm+/-7.2kgPolyester yarnBlack NBR24bar8bar
Red PVC coated30m65mm+/-14.85kgPVCPVC8bar
Red PVC coated30m50mm+/-12.60kgPVCPVC8bar
Red PVC coated30m40mm+/-12.60kgPVCPVC8bar
Yellow PVC coated30m65mm+/-11.70kgPVCPVC12bar