Tempest fire manufacture a variety of firefighting skit units (Bakkie Sakie). These units are built to customer specifications. Our standard built fit any single cab or double cab vehicle. The units range from as small as a 120Lt tank to a 750Lt tank.



Polyethylene step tank. Tank is UV stabilized and is red with a black liner inside, to restrict algae growth. 450 mm ventilated lid for easy refill.


Piston pump capable of delivering 54 -75 L / min and has a max pressure of 50 bar. An automatic, adjustable unloader valve regulates pressure. Pump can run dry without damaging seals or plungers.


Honda engines available in a variety HP’s in Petrol or Yanmar Diesel engine, manual or electrical start, with OHV and oil alert.


1 x 20m x 15mm(ID) High-pressure hose and 1 x 20m x 20mm (ID) are provided on manual  hose reels. Pistol Type adjustable spray gun on the one and Tempest Branch on the other. Nozzle can be adjusted spray to solid stream.


Unit is built in a frame with an angle iron base and 38mm round tubing top. The pump and engine unit is mounted on anti-vibration rubbers.

Bakkie Sakkie / Skid Unit