Tempest Fire

With a professional design and quality installation, we provide a platform for a sprinkler system which will be your protection against the “Fire Risks” encountered within your organization.

Our installations come with the highest quality manufacturing and production standards.

All equipment supplied has been tested against a standard which is crucial to the Fire Industry.

All manufacturing can be done on site, if so desired. We can offer our services for any project, large or small.

Tempest Fire applies as a minimum standard the ASIB rules. To this end all sprinkler systems that are designed and installed are specific to the building and risk that occurs. Sprinkler systems are as diverse as the occupants, materials used and stored as well as products manufactured.

We engage a scientific approach to the automatic control and suppression of fires when designing a sprinkler system and thus can cover a wide variety of conditions that exist.

Provided a building is properly designed, constructed and equipped with a good, correctly installed sprinkler system that is not impaired in any significant way, sufficient stability will be afforded to the structure under a fire condition by the sprinkler system.

Fire and spread of smoke will be minimised to the greatest extent as is practical.

Adequate means for detecting, fighting, controlling and extinguishing a fire is also provided.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Please note that Tempest Fire does not issue compliance certificates for fixed fire sprinkler systems this is a function of the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bauru (ASIB). We can however facilitate this for our Clients.