Tempest Fire

Tempest Fire is a company that offers a comprehensive fire solution to all types of businesses and corporations in South Africa and abroad.

Brothers Greg and Lance Tempest have been highly respected players in the fire management industry since 1998.

Jannie Bronkhorst became a member of the executive team in 2014 bringing a new dimension to Tempest fire with regards to training and manufacturing.

Greg, Lance, Jannie and Elias have a "hands-on" management style, and at least one of the three top executives will personally supervise all major installations and initial training.

The Bulk of Tempest Fire's Business is in:

High-occupancy and extra-risk establishments and in conventional office, shopping-centre, industrial, mining, hotel and casino industries.

All of these normally require fully automated, computerized / electronic solutions as well as portable systems.

We've also installed portable systems and mechanical solutions for smaller clients, including ordinary homeowners as well as providing full hands-on practical training with all installation or maintenance contracts.